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First time making shoes? Then you'll probably need our Ultimate Shoemaking Starter Kit which also includes tools, lasts and shoemaking instructions.


This kit includes the core components needed to make a pair of mid height or high heeled shoes.

Choose your desired heel from the list provided. (Watch our free Youtube video linked HERE on how to choose the correct height heels for your shoemaking lasts).

This Kit includes..
1 x Beige Resin Soling Sheet (32 x 21 cm - 2mm thick)
1 x  Insock Foam Sheet
2 x pairs Toe Puff Stiffeners*
2 x pairs counter stiffeners*
1x pair of Shanked Insoles
1 x pair of Heels (with Beige Tips)

*We include an extra pair of toe puff and counter stiffeners in this kit because mistakes can happen 😉

Heel Heights:
High Heel Block 102mm
High Heel Block 93mm
High Heel Stiletto 100mm
Mid Heel Block 65mm
Mid Heel Block 55mm
(We stock these heels separately in our supply shop for more details and images)

Please note that this component kit does not include shoemaking instructions and is designed to be used alongside the I CAN MAKE SHOES online course or shoemaking book.