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Over this 10-day intensive course, students will design and make a collection of 4 pairs of shoes.

The 4 styles of shoes you make will include a pair of flat sandals, a pair of flat shoes, a pair of heeled shoes and a pair of boots (flat or heeled) - in your chosen size. There is flexibility on the specific shapes and styles you choose but these 4 constructions are the pillars of shoemaking and understanding how they are made will fast-track your footwear education in a major way!

...And let me explain why...

1. We will teach you how to make bespoke fitting sandals directly around your feet instead of using a shoemaking last. Making a great pair of sandals can often be overlooked in the shoemaking world but are an important starting point for any shoemaker.

2. The reason flat shoes are important to master comes down to the finishing of the soles. The flat shoes you make can be oxfords, derby's, ballet shoes, mary-janes, mules etc, but the most important thing to learn is how to build up and finish a beautiful sole. The attention to detail on these soles is what will set aside an amateur pair from a well-finished pair.

3. Heeled shoes can be anything from a chunky mid-height shoe to a high-heeled stiletto. Whether or not you are interested in making high heels after the course, it's really important to learn how the heel components are attached to the shoe and understand the different insoles used to allow for arch stability.

4. Boots are a whole other ball-game and follow a different pattern making and construction method. By the time you've made your first 3 pairs of shoes you will have built on your knowledge and skillset to master your perfect pair of handmade boots. These can be flat, mid or high heeled and can be lace-up, zip-up or pull-on - your choice!

Once you've successfully made these 4 constructions of shoes you'll have the skills to design and make your own totally unique shoes from home in the future. And if you are thinking of starting your own shoe line, having mastered these 4 pillars of shoemaking you'll be well prepared to communicate with your factory.

There is also an element of theory in this course, ensuring students know how the industry works and the best practices for getting started.

This course also comes with free unlimited access to the Online Footwear Masterclass, including a free shoemaking kit.
*Access to the online course and home shoemaking kit is granted after the in-person course.

DURATION: 10 days 10am - 4pm (Monday - Friday only)

LOCATION: Bethnal Green, London

MATERIALS: Included (Please let us know in advance if you would like to use vegan materials on the course).